For Life. For the World. For the Better.

These three phrases together form the motto of our University Fund. They represent our ambition to contribute to the solution of societal issues. As Eindhoven University Fund, we therefore support researchers and students. Their work deserves a solid financial basis. So that they can find solutions to current and future challenges. Solutions for methods and techniques that can be applied.

For life

Engineers are building the foundations that will bring about major improvements in our health. Like membranes that help the heart to grow a new valve itself. Or nanorobots that specifically break down cancer cells. Your contribution will go to the development of technology that will save lives, methods that prevent the insurmountable problems that still exist today, and tackling diseases specifically. Research that will substantially improve our quality of life.

For the World

Engineers are investigating methods and techniques to keep our planet habitable in the future. And in doing so, they look beyond the boundaries of what is normal. To arrive at alternatives to processes and fuels that are still polluting, but won’t any longer in the future. Like powering heavy-duty engines with 100% circular fuel from metal particles. And using the power of the sun and technology derived from plants to rapidly manufacture environmentally-friendly medicines. Your contribution goes to research that keeps our planet habitable.

For the better

Our projects provide indispensable and valuable knowledge and experience to find answers to societal questions. We do this by thinking outside the box. Will you help us develop talent?