For life

For life

Engineers are building the foundations that will bring about major improvements in our health. Like membranes that help the heart to grow a new valve itself. Or nanorobots that specifically break down cancer cells. Your contribution will go to the development of technology that will save lives, methods that prevent the insurmountable problems that still exist today, and tackling diseases specifically. Research that will substantially improve our quality of life.

Eva and Harm

Two talents who make the most of their time at TU/e. They are working on biological sensors using light and photoproteins. These sensors detect infections and viruses, such as Covid-19. Their ultimate objective: a portable means of quick and reliable testing, anywhere in the world. 

Engineering against Covid

Not long after the corona pandemic swept across the globe, TU/e began the Covid Engineering Fund. The contributions of donors benefit several ground-breaking research projects.

In one of these promising studies, scientists detect viruses and antibodies using light. This research is able to take place at TU/e because the university is home to many different disciplines on one campus, such as physics, chemistry and biology.

Fewer operations for vein problems thanks to scans

Together with your colleague Richard Lopata, you investigate an alternative method for determining the risks of plaques in carotid arteries without surgery. For the laymen among us: what are plaques?