Gift options for private individuals

There are various ways in which you can contribute to the high-quality education and research at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). If you wish to make a financial contribution, Eindhoven University Fund Foundation (UF/e) makes this possible in various ways. Depending on your wishes and preferences, you can contribute by means of:

  1. Regular gift
  2. One-off gift
  3. Legacy

It is important to note that UF/e has ANBI status, which means that you may benefit from fiscal advantages in the Netherlands if you make a contribution. In this way, your contribution to UF/e will fully benefit the cause.

Regular gift

You can donate periodically. A regular donation means that you donate a fixed amount to UF/e annually for at least five consecutive years. This is stipulated in an agreement, which also regulates when the annual donation stops. In the Netherlands, a regular donation is generally fiscally more advantageous than a one-off donation.

One-off gift

You can make a one-off donation to UF/e. A one-off donation is also a gift that is made annually, but is not stipulated in an agreement.

You can include UF/e as legatee or heir in your will. If you die, you leave UF/e a sum of money or other possession(s) of your choice.