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65 years of TU/e. That's 65 years of progress, technological innovation, and discovery. 65 years in which our alumni and students have worked to solve the issues facing society. We want to help them keep doing so, for many years to come. Will you help?

A special monument will be positioned on the TU/e campus, featuring the names of everyone who supported talent development in this jubilee year. And there is space for your name! Read more here.

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More than knowledge

When alumni are asked about their time at TU/e, they praise the opportunities they had to develop their talent, both during and outside of lectures. And with social projects. We want to ensure that future generations will also have these opportunities. Which is why we are now once again asking you to donate. Will you support the development of countless talents? The heroes of the future? 

Click here.

“65 years of TU/e. That is 65 years of technological innovation and progress. 65 years in which our students, researchers, alumni, and friends have worked to solve the issues facing society. That is the strength of the TU/e community. Additional funding enables our talented students to develop extraordinary and innovative ideas, and to make a vital contribution to society”. Robert-Jan Smits, President of the Executive Board

“The Eindhoven University Fund was established in 1956 to give poorly-off students the opportunity to study. We now have students who are working on social projects and are in need of materials. Or due to matters out of their hands, require financial support in order to complete their studies. It is our duty to support them.” Henk Kivits, Chairman of Eindhoven University Fund


The added value of talent

We are proud of our heroes of today. And they are proud of their work. Which is why we often post interviews with them. Discover the groundbreaking developments that they make possible and get to know the people behind the projects.

New story: Dirk van Meer

Dirk is the captain of Team Core. Their mission is special and very sustainable. And it is twofold: turning waste that is difficult to process into a raw material that can be used, for example, to make ballast material. And with the heat that is released, the precious metals from electronics are efficiently recycled. A project in which many talents and all disciplines of the TU/e have a role. Supplemented by people from Fontys and Avans and a number of external experts. Read the interview with the driven and ambitious team captain here.

New story: Mohammadreza Baigmohammadi

Mohammadreza is a member of a project group with a special, sustainable mission: they want to make a fully circular fuel from metal particles. Read all about the enormous benefits for our world, the challenges and the perseverance of Mohammadreza here.


Two talents who make the most of their time at TU/e. They are working on biological sensors using light and photoproteins. These sensors detect infections and viruses, such as Covid-19. Their ultimate objective: a portable means of quick and reliable testing, anywhere in the world. Read Eva and Harm's story here. 

Your name immortalized on our campus

Will you support their future, and that of the next generations? All of our supporters are our heroes. Which is why we are displaying the names of our donors on a special Heroes’ Arch on campus (that is, unless you would prefer to remain anonymous). Find out more here. While donating, you can also leave a wish for the heroes of the future. It will then appear on this page.

Hans Fischer

Hans Fischer, former CEO of Tata Steel in IJmuiden is our latest donor. With a named fund, Hans wants to ensure that our talents benefit from the same opportunities that he had during his time at TU/e. But he wants to do more than simply giving. He will be actively involved, making his expertise, experience, and network available to students. Read more about Hans and what he wants to achieve in this detailed interview.

Tessie Hartjes

Tessie Hartjes is VP of marketing at Lightyear and the newest board member of the University Fund. Her belief: technology is so much more useful if it benefits the world. As a member of the Lightyear team, she knows what that technology can mean. And what the difference is between good technology and a good product. Read her story about cubicles, psychology, and contributing to a better world here.


Will you support a future in which talents can continue to flourish to the full? In which students can grow into the engineers who develop the solutions that the world is waiting for?

Click here to donate. And let your name live on for generations to come on our campus.


About the Fund

The Eindhoven University Fund helps students to develop their talent. By financing projects that make our lives and our world more pleasant and better. But also with activities focused on developing talent and helping students who – through matters out of their hands – are dealing with practical or financial problems. Our Fund is recognized as a public benefit organization (PBO, abbreviated in Dutch as ANBI). This means that your donation is tax deductible.

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