What do you wish the heroes of tomorrow?

Here you read the wishes, comments and words of encouragement that our donors pass on to the heroes of tomorrow; future generations of students and scientists.

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I wish you to acquire the knowledge to contribute to a sustainable and fair future

Tim Dijkmans

Ingenuity with sky-high ambition! - Chris Groenewegen

May you contribute to a better and climate-friendly world- Johan Vissers

Try to turn every setback into a learning moment. - Rik Bouman

Working towards a sustainable future!

Mens Agitat Molem Aeternum

Do nice work, keep nice work - Rob Hendrikx

Be humble, be creative and change the future

Berry Groenendijk

Use your talents for a sustainable future. -  Kees Jacobs

A good contribution to the future. - Bert Manders

Enjoy your college days! - Piet Grauls

Keep discovering! - Toon Norp

Take your chances with pleasure, keep building and believe in yourself! - Stephan van der Wel

Always do your best - Marieke Smits

Dream big, collaborate and succeed!

Nicole Papen-Botterhuis

Solutions for accelerated energy transition and climate adaptation - Maikel Jagroep

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world -Ali Karen

Question authority & Trust on facts - Paul Folke van Oorschot

Innovate towards a future of sustainable and human life cycles - Rob Weteling

Live your dream - Martin Koens

Good luck! - Paul Coebergh

Pleasure in your work doubles your creativity

Fulfill your dreams - Marc van Schuppen

Have fun learning. Take this opportunity that others may not have. - Maurice van Beek

Work with pleasure and confidence, after all you worked hard for it! - Marieke Mantel-Hobelman

You have a bright future ahead of you!

Jack Emmen

Technology to sustain the planet - Sheila Leenders

Contribute to a sustainable future - Roel Jansen

Ingenuity - Eric Lingers

Inspire and improve - Anno Keizer

Make the world a little more beautiful, cleaner, happier.  - Erik Pennings

Follow your passion and you will be successful - Judith Bosch

Find your voice! - Ed van Popele

Create your opportunities and take them, go out into the world! - Jan-Wim Dekker

That we create a beautiful and circular world together - Tim Kaizer

Make a significant contribution to realizing a 100% sustainable world within 2 generations, including yours!  -  Jos Beurskens

Create solutions that help reduce inequality around the world

Jan Fransoo

Keep studying, all your life  -  Sanne Schoenmakers

If it is up to be, it is up to me - Tung Cheung

Keep dreaming, follow your heart: there will be drawbacks, but at the top of the mountain the view is beautiful! - Thomas van Gils

May you contribute to a better and climate-friendly world - Johan Vissers

Go on! - Peter Otten

Always let finding solutions for social issues be your starting point for your thinking and acting - Rene Bouwman

Good luck with your future. - Henk de Wit

Developing yourself is your best preparation for the future - Edith Snelders

Innovate for the good! - Bert Garlich

Your technological innovation is going to save the world - Frans Noteborn

Inventions are timeless, build on that!

Maarten Louwerse

Life interactive education in smaller groups - Hennie ter Morsche

Take our blue planet into account! - M. Hoek

Gather knowledge to build a better world - Koen van den Bigelaar

Enhancing society - Niels Schallenberg

Pursue your ideals, but don't lose sight of reality - Hoi-Ying Chan

Stay innovative - Yvo Trimbos

Always work on good stewardship! - Hans de Man

Follow your heart with passion; then the results will follow automatically. - Bart Kivits

Godspeed! - M. Lambrichs

Always keep pushing your limits: literally and figuratively! - Alex Patist

Develop yourself and enjoy studying, designing, collaborating, trying, manufacturing, understanding, seeking the depth, seeing the overview, from the beginning to the end, at TU/e!

Herm Hofmeyer

Contribute to people's well-being with innovations - Luc Castermans

Hope you’re feeling good and confident about today. You have every reason to. - Willem Schelleker

Enjoy the opportunities and tackle the challenges!- Chris van Kreij

Build wisdom too - Jeroen van den Brink

Each student will find the right breeding ground in which he/she/her can fully deploy his or her talents and passion to contribute to a good society. - Monique Sommer

Lots of sparks of inspiration moving science forward. - Henk Stoof

Continue to work on innovative solutions with great pleasure and conviction, even if the direct benefit is not immediately clear! - Radboud olde Scheper

Good luck! There is no better basis for a bright future! - Teun van Liempd

Continue with fundamental research for the benefit of its applications in society. - Albert de Voogd

Have fun! - Roel Ebus

Make a significant contribution to achieving a 100% sustainable world within 2 generations, including yours!

Jos Beurskens

Work with pleasure and confidence, after all you have worked hard for it! - Marieke Mantel-Hobelman

Never stop improving - Floris Padt

I wish them the pleasure of continuing to develop...both personally and professionally.  - Bovend’Eerdt

I wish you purpose, impact and connection - Saskia Velthuizen

An educational and fun period at TU/e

Courage - Rob Faessen

Learn the value of communication - Peter Rademakers

Grow yourself and the world! - Barend de Lange

Please improve the Big Picture for centuries to come. - Edwin van Rest

To a future of only proud heroes. - Achie Lin

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do

Nick Ebert

Learn from the ancients but above all believe in your own ideas

Take your chances, be creative and stay critical! - Luc Augustin

Dreams come true, miracles happen, science makes it possible! - Anniek de Bever

An inspiring life with contributions for a better world. - Frans Luske

Continue to play a pioneering role together - Leo Vredenbregt

That together we create a beautiful and circular world

Creating a healthy and future-proof living environment - Ton Jacobs

Don't stop asking, keep investigating and learning- Richard Oerleman

Good luck!

That they continue to work/play with great pleasure in technology. - Paula Steffens

Use your TU/e experience as a great base to shape the future for all!

Jeroen F. Visjager

Care for our planet, in everything you do - Margriet Eugelink

Innovate to preserve the future of the earth - Maurice Houben

If you have everything under control, you are not driving fast enough. - Heiko Bleeker

Enjoy, Develop and Share - Niels Struijken

Walk your own path and find passion - Peter Lathouwers

Do what is in your heart hart - Bas Raaimakers

Keep exploring! - Toon Norp

That TU/e will deliver many more heroes - Eugène Bongers

Be proud of TU/e and let TU/e be proud of you! - Gilles Moerdijk

I wish them a flying start in their career with fantastic, innovative and above all useful ideas for society. - Yongwei van Bussel-Liu

Be creative, be connecting, be pioneers!

Niels Braspenning

You can make the future happen now! - Martin Buysse

Technology that supports people and does not take them over - Jeanine Klinkenbijl

Know that there is always more to it! - Kirill Lomonov

Use your knowledge and contribute to a better world for all - Mario Potter

That the world will be better for it! - Ernst Hermens

Basis for technical innovation for a sustainable future - Rob Honings

Lots of wisdom and fun! - Katie Deijs

Help with your knowledge, insight, conviction and perseverance to keep our planet in good shape. - Leo van Asperen Vervenne

Basis for technical innovation for a sustainable future - Rob Honings

Lots of wisdom and fun! - Katie Deijs

The heroes of tomorrow becoming heroes of today

Tom van Rooij

Be inspired by the great challenges for the future- Harrie Noy

More challenges - Lex Lemmens

Make the World a better place - Jacques van de Ven

Use your heritage as strength - Joris van der Vleuten

That your creativity and daring do not diminish due to the increasing (financial) pressure to perform. Keep trying new things! - Maarten van Drunen

Go for your goal, don't get distracted. Have faith in yourself. - Anton Hopmans

And a good future - Bas Peeters

Stay curious. Keep learning. Stay functionally stubborn. - Eelco Anneveldt

Use all your (technological) talent for a clean and climate-proof future! - Theo Mimpen

Dream Believe Achieve - Roche Mahomedradja