For the Better

For the Better

Our projects provide indispensable and valuable knowledge and experience to find answers to societal questions. We do this by thinking outside the box. Will you help us develop talent?


The Student Fund is designed to provide temporary, short-term financial assistance to students while struggling with unanticipated or emergency financial situations.

The funding of the fund is provided by donations from donors. Donors can make a one-off or periodic contribution. The donations can be made anonymously or by name.


The original plan was to exchange ideas and experiences on new techniques that focus on CO2 reduction. If possible, we want to take this to the next level. First in a pilot and then in industry. - Dr. Neira Fernanda d'Angelo

Tessie Hartjes

Tessie Hartjes is VP of marketing at Lightyear and the newest board member of the University Fund. Her belief: technology is so much more useful if it benefits the world. As a member of the Lightyear team, she knows what that technology can mean. And what the difference is between good technology and a good product. Read her story about cubicles, psychology, and contributing to a better world here.