What do you wish the heroes of tomorrow?

Here you read the wishes, comments and words of encouragement that our donors pass on to the heroes of tomorrow; future generations of students and scientists.

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Wisdom begins with wonder. Develop yourself internationally, get out and about, let the wider world inspire you

Bart ter Haar Romeny

Ingenuity with sky-high ambition! - Chris Groenewegen

May you contribute to a better and climate-friendly world- Johan Vissers

Try to turn every setback into a learning moment. - Rik Bouman

Working towards a sustainable future!

Mens Agitat Molem Aeternum

Do nice work, keep nice work - Rob Hendrikx

Be humble, be creative and change the future

Berry Groenendijk

Use your talents for a sustainable future. -  Kees Jacobs

A good contribution to the future. - Bert Manders

Enjoy your college days! - Piet Grauls

Keep discovering! - Toon Norp

Take your chances with pleasure, keep building and believe in yourself! - Stephan van der Wel

Always do your best - Marieke Smits

Dream big, collaborate and succeed!

Nicole Papen-Botterhuis

Solutions for accelerated energy transition and climate adaptation - Maikel Jagroep

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world -Ali Karen

Question authority & Trust on facts - Paul Folke van Oorschot

Innovate towards a future of sustainable and human life cycles - Rob Weteling

Live your dream - Martin Koens

Good luck! - Paul Coebergh

Pleasure in your work doubles your creativity

Fulfill your dreams - Marc van Schuppen

Have fun learning. Take this opportunity that others may not have. - Maurice van Beek

Work with pleasure and confidence, after all you worked hard for it! - Marieke Mantel-Hobelman

You have a bright future ahead of you!

Jack Emmen

Technology to sustain the planet - Sheila Leenders

Contribute to a sustainable future - Roel Jansen

Ingenuity - Eric Lingers

Inspire and improve - Anno Keizer

Make the world a little more beautiful, cleaner, happier.  - Erik Pennings

Follow your passion and you will be successful - Judith Bosch

Find your voice! - Ed van Popele

Create your opportunities and take them, go out into the world! - Jan-Wim Dekker

That we create a beautiful and circular world together - Tim Kaizer

Make a significant contribution to realizing a 100% sustainable world within 2 generations, including yours!  -  Jos Beurskens

Create solutions that help reduce inequality around the world

Jan Fransoo

Keep studying, all your life  -  Sanne Schoenmakers

If it is up to be, it is up to me - Tung Cheung

Keep dreaming, follow your heart: there will be drawbacks, but at the top of the mountain the view is beautiful! - Thomas van Gils

May you contribute to a better and climate-friendly world - Johan Vissers

Go on! - Peter Otten

Always let finding solutions for social issues be your starting point for your thinking and acting - Rene Bouwman

Good luck with your future. - Henk de Wit

Developing yourself is your best preparation for the future - Edith Snelders

Innovate for the good! - Bert Garlich

Your technological innovation is going to save the world - Frans Noteborn

Inventions are timeless, build on that!

Maarten Louwerse

Life interactive education in smaller groups - Hennie ter Morsche

Take our blue planet into account! - M. Hoek

Gather knowledge to build a better world - Koen van den Bigelaar

Enhancing society - Niels Schallenberg

Pursue your ideals, but don't lose sight of reality - Hoi-Ying Chan

Stay innovative - Yvo Trimbos

Always work on good stewardship! - Hans de Man

Follow your heart with passion; then the results will follow automatically. - Bart Kivits

Godspeed! - M. Lambrichs

Always keep pushing your limits: literally and figuratively! - Alex Patist

Develop yourself and enjoy studying, designing, collaborating, trying, manufacturing, understanding, seeking the depth, seeing the overview, from the beginning to the end, at TU/e!

Herm Hofmeyer

Contribute to people's well-being with innovations - Luc Castermans

Hope you’re feeling good and confident about today. You have every reason to. - Willem Schelleker

Enjoy the opportunities and tackle the challenges!- Chris van Kreij

Build wisdom too - Jeroen van den Brink

Each student will find the right breeding ground in which he/she/her can fully deploy his or her talents and passion to contribute to a good society. - Monique Sommer

Lots of sparks of inspiration moving science forward. - Henk Stoof

Continue to work on innovative solutions with great pleasure and conviction, even if the direct benefit is not immediately clear! - Radboud olde Scheper

Good luck! There is no better basis for a bright future! - Teun van Liempd

Continue with fundamental research for the benefit of its applications in society. - Albert de Voogd

Have fun! - Roel Ebus

Make a significant contribution to achieving a 100% sustainable world within 2 generations, including yours!

Jos Beurskens

Work with pleasure and confidence, after all you have worked hard for it! - Marieke Mantel-Hobelman

Never stop improving - Floris Padt

I wish them the pleasure of continuing to develop...both personally and professionally.  - Bovend’Eerdt

I wish you purpose, impact and connection - Saskia Velthuizen

An educational and fun period at TU/e

Courage - Rob Faessen

Learn the value of communication - Peter Rademakers

Grow yourself and the world! - Barend de Lange

Please improve the Big Picture for centuries to come. - Edwin van Rest

To a future of only proud heroes. - Achie Lin

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do

Nick Ebert

Learn from the ancients but above all believe in your own ideas

Take your chances, be creative and stay critical! - Luc Augustin

Dreams come true, miracles happen, science makes it possible! - Anniek de Bever

An inspiring life with contributions for a better world. - Frans Luske

Continue to play a pioneering role together - Leo Vredenbregt

That together we create a beautiful and circular world

Creating a healthy and future-proof living environment - Ton Jacobs

Don't stop asking, keep investigating and learning- Richard Oerlemans

Good luck!

That they continue to work/play with great pleasure in technology. - Paula Steffens

Use your TU/e experience as a great base to shape the future for all!

Jeroen F. Visjager

Care for our planet, in everything you do - Margriet Eugelink

Innovate to preserve the future of the earth - Maurice Houben

If you have everything under control, you are not driving fast enough. - Heiko Bleeker

Enjoy, Develop and Share - Niels Struijken

Walk your own path and find passion - Peter Lathouwers

Do what is in your heart hart - Bas Raaimakers

Keep exploring! - Toon Norp

That TU/e will deliver many more heroes - Eugène Bongers

Be proud of TU/e and let TU/e be proud of you! - Gilles Moerdijk

I wish them a flying start in their career with fantastic, innovative and above all useful ideas for society. - Yongwei van Bussel-Liu

Be creative, be connecting, be pioneers!

Niels Braspenning

You can make the future happen now! - Martin Buysse

Technology that supports people and does not take them over - Jeanine Klinkenbijl

Know that there is always more to it! - Kirill Lomonov

Use your knowledge and contribute to a better world for all - Mario Potter

That the world will be better for it! - Ernst Hermens

Basis for technical innovation for a sustainable future - Rob Honings

Lots of wisdom and fun! - Katie Deijs

Help with your knowledge, insight, conviction and perseverance to keep our planet in good shape. - Leo van Asperen Vervenne

Basis for technical innovation for a sustainable future - Rob Honings

Lots of wisdom and fun! - Katie Deijs

The heroes of tomorrow becoming heroes of today

Tom van Rooij

Be inspired by the great challenges for the future- Harrie Noy

More challenges - Lex Lemmens

Make the World a better place - Jacques van de Ven

Use your heritage as strength - Joris van der Vleuten

That your creativity and daring do not diminish due to the increasing (financial) pressure to perform. Keep trying new things! - Maarten van Drunen

Go for your goal, don't get distracted. Have faith in yourself. - Anton Hopmans

And a good future - Bas Peeters

Stay curious. Keep learning. Stay functionally stubborn. - Eelco Anneveldt

Use all your (technological) talent for a clean and climate-proof future! - Theo Mimpen

Dream Believe Achieve - Roche Mahomedradja

For the scientifically driven free thinkers who make the world of tomorrow more beautiful and better!

Bart Wijnands

Study, learn and work hard , but most importantly Have Fun! - Peter Nouws

That you may, can and continue to contribute to the technology and world of tomorrow. - Tina Hopman-Kosman

Learn and Live your Life 

Lots of passion, satisfaction, creativity and energy to keep focus on your sustainable goal.

Inspiration and courage to contribute to improving and renewing people's lives and our planet. - Thea Hazel-Stals

Trust human ingenuity, and keep on innovating for an even better future! -  Maarten Ketelaars

A new accessible library stack room building with faculty spaces - Pieter de Jong

Quality first

Gebruik je creativiteit om het makkelijker te maken ons doen en laten aan te passen aan de behoeften van de planeet en de volgende generatie. En geniet daarvan :) - Victor Konijn

Spread the passion to develop and accept new technologies across the society. - Sreejit Nair

Keep your eye on the goal and support the people around you to reach that goal

Paul Janssen

Always stay curious and eager to learn! - Rene Schott

Make a better world. - Twan Geenen

Have fun and explore new things! - Petar Stoykovy

Keep up the challenge of defining solutions and products that make a positive contribution to the climate! - Jos Timmermans

Stay independent thinker - Rogier Bruijning

Have FUN and ENJOY the ride!

A Panoramic View - Askon Eden

Use your talent for good. - Arcene Goossens

Keep exploring! - Bart de Klein

Take action and dare! - Andre Kooy

In the world of the future we will live together more equally, more openly and respectfully. Wish to contribute to that world by doing and sharing what suits you.

Let everyone develop to their best ability

Make it something beautiful, something with high-tech or something ;) - Wouter van Heijningen

May they be successful

Keep an open mind - Mark Hooijkaas

Create our future - Roel Boumen

Stay amazed by tomorrow's challenges and tackle them creatively! - Frankvee Schnitzeler

Forward with integrity and high quality research for the benefit of all of us! - Joop van den Eijnde

A sustainable future - Frits Verheij

Study opportunities for everyone - David Otto

Rejoice every day - Paul Beaufort

Zonder openheid, eerlijkheid en respect heeft kennis geen waarde

Bob van den Buijs

Keep technology as a means, people as the goal - René de Zeeuw

Enjoy & persevere - Huub Tolido

Make trees, not bombs - Jos Vankan

Enjoy, learn, experience & grow - Peter Voogt

Study, learn, grow and flourish - Jos de Haas

Don't forget: Leadership is an art - Evert van Ravenzwaaij

In the end, only the scientific facts count - John Peek

Focus mainly on elementary basic theory such as e.g. Thermodynamics - Peter Thissen

An inspiring study - Gerard Beenker

Use technological knowledge to become socially intelligent - John Schellenkens

Full steam ahead! Good luck with your activities!

R.R. Drenten

Use your Brains - Frank Mulders

Think of the climate! - Loet Versfeld

Motivation and tenacity to achieve the best - Bert Gall

Make tenchology sustainable - Hans Meerman

That education remains accessible to everyone - Joyce Boom-Brummelhuis

A university that is free in research and action and is completely depoliticised. A university that does not consciously abolish art 1 of the constitution and conducts discrimination and apartheid politics. Disgraceful and harmful.

Work hard! - Harrie van den Akker

Innovate NL to energy neutral and set up startups for it yourself - Michael Urlings

Life is not about the destination, it is about the journey. enjoy it! - Pieter Verschuuren

Go for a bright future! - Rene Bakx

I wish you to acquire the knowledge to contribute to a sustainable and fair future

Tim Dijkmans