This is how you contribute to groundbreaking research

TU/e Energy Tech Fund and TU/e Health Tech Fund are two funds managed by the University Fund Eindhoven. They are raised by theme-based contributions from donors.

ANBI Status

The University Fund has been designated as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI). This means that - subject to conditions - your donation is tax deductible.

Your form of donation

Together we determine through which kind of agreement you donate. This can be, for example, a periodical donation. On this page you will discover the possibilities for individuals and companies.



You can donate in one lump sum or in 5 annual installments. The minimum deposit for both funds is € 25,000, - (€ 5,000, - per year). Experience tells us that the average deposit per donor after 5 years is € 165,000, -.

Use of donations

A scientific award committee, consisting of the scientific directors/respondents and the director of the Eindhoven University Fund, determine the award. The board of the University Fund Eindhoven receives these choices for approval.

Accountability and feedback

  • The thematic funds will have a separate entry in the annual report.
  • An annual feedback meeting is held at TU/e for donors. In it we present the studies and the results of studies funded by the thematic funds.
  • We will keep you updated throughout the year on fund developments.

Supplementation with other donations

Smaller and/or one-time donations without an agreement can be earmarked and added to the thematic fund. We keep these donors informed of developments through general communications, such as the annual report.

If you already donate through a Named Fund

If you agree to allocate your donation to (one of) the thematic funds, we will prepare an addendum to your current gift agreement.