Meet some of the people who support us with advice, deeds, and financial contributions.

Hans Fischer. Former CEO Tata Steel Europe.

"The generations of students before this one had it easier. There were student loans, the credit system didn’t exist yet and it was easier to get a job on the side. Now the financial resources and opportunities for students to develop themselves more broadly are lacking. With my contribution, I especially want to help make the good things of the past possible and pass them on to the new generation. "

Erik van Schagen. CEO of Simac.

"The big question is: What are we going to do with the time left before the problems get out of hand? The answer is not going to come from politicians or economists, but from science. "

Harry Otten. Former general manager of Meteo Consult.

"You have to have a dream, an idea and then you have to believe in it 100 percent. Do it yourself, be stubborn and be willing to run your head through concrete. My donation is available to any project that is making or will make strides toward renewable energy. "

Jacques van Rooij. Owner of Gear Chain Industrial.

"You can hoard wealth, but you can also give it back to society. We need a few ingredients for a recipe against climate change. And of these, capital and creativity are the most important." 

Edwin Hermkens. Co-founder & Chief Product Officer of MedApp.

"I hold the TU/e in my heart. I owe my alma mater a lot and I had a great time there. And I am a big supporter of really good research into ways to improve the world. "

Edwin van Rest. CEO of Studyportals.

"I want to show my appreciation for what I have learned and received from TU/e. I enjoy being involved with TU/e as an alumnus and as a donor to the Fund. I see the great plans and I know that the money will be put to good use."