For the World

For the World

Researchers and students are investigating methods and techniques to keep our planet habitable in the future. And in doing so, they look beyond the boundaries of what is normal. To arrive at alternatives to processes and fuels that are still polluting, but won’t any longer in the future. Like powering heavy-duty engines with 100% circular fuel from metal particles. And using the power of the sun and technology derived from plants to rapidly manufacture environmentally-friendly medicines. Your contribution goes to research that keeps our planet habitable.

Mohammadreza Baigmohammadi

Mohammadreza is a member of a project group with a special, sustainable mission: they want to make a fully circular fuel from metal particles. Read all about the enormous benefits for our world, the challenges and the perseverance of Mohammadreza here:

Dirk van Meer

Dirk is the captain of Team Core. Their mission is special and very sustainable. And it is twofold: turning waste that is difficult to process into a raw material that can be used, for example, to make ballast material. And with the heat that is released, the precious metals from electronics are efficiently recycled. A project in which many talents and all disciplines of the TU/e have a role. Supplemented by people from Fontys and Avans and a number of external experts. Read the interview with the driven and ambitious team captain here.


With my studies in physics, I thought that I’d gain an insight into how the world works. However, there’s much more between the heavens and the earth than the laws of physics. As a young researcher, I was caught up in major funding cutbacks twice. These cutbacks caused a lot of suffering among my colleagues and I began to wonder who made the decisions and on what basis. That’s why I went to study political science part-time. My focus: the politics of technology or innovation. This relationship really grabbed me. - Prof. Dr, Ir. Rinie van Est