You make this possible


As a university fund, we campaigned in the anniversary year 2021 under the motto “Heroes for Heroes”. We asked you, as heroes then and now, to offer the heroes of the future the same opportunities as you were given at TU/e. By donating to our university fund.

A lot of donations. And a special goal for each faculty.

You responded en masse to this call. Your wishes to our students were heartwarming. For that we would like to thank you very much. With your donations we can help many projects and students. You can read about the results of the campaign in the annual report.

With your contributions we will do something extra in 2022. Something special. Each faculty receives €30,000 to set up a project that contributes to talent development. The faculties responded enthusiastically and have now given their contribution a purpose.

This is what they will make possible with their contribution:

Applied Physics

will offer professional training for strengthening soft skills to selected bachelor and master students.

Biomedical Engineering

starts the Post Covid Travel Fund to encourage students to do an internship abroad. And to support them financially.

Built Environment

is starting a program in which 7 university lecturers, supplemented by external experts, will supervise research talents. Both in groups and individually.

Chemical Engineering & Chemistry

is building a setup with which bachelor and master students from all TU/e programs can conduct experimental research in the context of the energy transition.

Electrical Engineering

organizes a symposium for students focused on the developments within Electrical Engineering in the Brainport region and at TU/e. The aim is to involve Dutch and international universities of technology and to promote mutual networking between (international) students.

Industrial Design

organizes a conference for students, alumni and interested parties from other educational institutions. The aim is to exchange knowledge about design in the context of social changes.

Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences

is developing three initiatives. One training that students will use to gain valuable business skills through experiments. A program with so-called challenges in the field of sustainability. And a challenge to come up with ideas in which technology can help people with dementia.

Mathematics & Computer Science

will enable and support international travel for master's students, PhD students, postdocs and early career university lecturers.

Mechanical Engineering

will divide the amount over four projects and make part available for a scholarship of € 5000 for future excellent master's students.